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ProTaxAppeal was founded to address the need of an underserved market that specialized in real estate property taxes. Since 2005 ProTaxAppeal has offered client services to property owners which includes the managing, monitoring, and control of property taxes. The founder is a homeowner, real estate investor, builder, and engineer who himself needed a better way to manage, monitor, and control his own property taxes for his properties. What he found was a lack of independent expertise with property taxes and the only available so-called expert was the government who themselves were doing the assessing, tax levying, and tax collecting. What that meant was a complex property tax system that lacked outside oversight and he knew that was not good. So he was determined to understand the ins and outs of the complex property tax system and combined with his experience in real estate, building, and engineering he now applies his extensive knowledge as a property tax consultant.

Many years ago as a first time homeowner he quickly realized that a property tax was something he knew little about except that it was a tax required to fund local tax districts, mainly local public schools. He was excited to be living the American dream of home ownership by saving for a down payment, contributing sweat equity, and taking out an affordable mortgage that would eventually allow for his home to be free and clear. Or at least he thought so and was told. The sad truth is that his home would never actually be free and clear of a property tax. A property tax that if not paid could cost him to lose his house for unpaid property taxes even if the mortgage was paid off. As time went on and he paid property taxes every year, never the same amount and usually always more than the year before, he became more and more self-educated on property taxes and what was needed to manage, monitor, and control property taxes. He also became concerned at the arrogance of a government that created such a tax that is based on a property value, a property value that the government determines for you based on subjective methodology which of course was developed by the government.

The most important thing he quickly learned was that government designed a property tax system that was so complicated that most property owners would simply pay the tax and never question how the property was valued or the property taxes calculated. But not him, his past education and real life experiences taught him to be determined, resourceful, inquisitive, and never assume anything. If he did not know something he went out and learned it. He questioned assessors, appealed his own property assessments, and actively participated in all levels of the appeal process. He also went undercover, so to speak, and temporarily became a certified alternate Board of Review member qualified to hear and decide property tax appeals in several local counties. This he did to gain inside knowledge of the inner workings of the property tax and appeal system. All of his knowledge, education, and experience makes him a uniquely qualified property tax consultant and a leading property tax advocate for property owners.

Our Mission

If we determine your property is over assessed and we recommend an appeal then we will file your appeal for FREE. And there is no application fee, no retainer fee, and no appraisal fee. Our fee is entirely contingent upon us reducing your assessment and saving you money. No assessment reduction, NO fee. We also do not require you to have a recent appraisal or obtain a recent appraisal.


We make the appeal process simpler than simple and that is no easy task given the complex property tax system. We have a simple agreement and authorization that we can email or fax to you today. Just review, complete, sign, and return. Now that is simple.


We use our unique, proprietary Property Tax Analysis (PTA) System to assess your property accurately. This is a state of the art software system we developed specifically for property tax appeals. This system has been proven accurate by our ~93% success rate on appeals.

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