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For most property owners just the thought of appealing your property assessment is enough to cause a panic attack. Trying to understand the complex property tax system, deadlines and nuances much less knowing exactly what is needed to file a successful appeal usually results in doing nothing. That is exactly why the property tax system is so complicated because government designed it that way to discourage you from appealing and instead have you just pay whatever the genius tax collector demands. Asserting your right to appeal is the only recourse a property owner has to combat ever increasing property taxes. If you are serious about property tax relief, like ProTaxAppeal is, then we encourage you to take control of your property taxes and act now.

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If you RECEIVED one of our postcards then we have already determined that your property is over assessed and you should file an appeal. There is NO fee to start your property tax appeal. Please remember to act before the appeal deadline by completing the below information.