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Start Appeal Process

For most property owners just the thought of trying to appeal your property assessment is enough reason not to appeal because of the time, effort, and knowledge required to hopefully get a reduction. Of course you can attempt to appeal yourself and most likely get frustrated beyond belief. We at ProTaxAppeal have been there and done that, except not once but thousands of times for clients. Talk about a glutton for punishment, day in and day out we advocate for fair assessments. The difference though is our experience and thorough understanding of property tax assessments which benefits our clients. ProTaxAppeal simplifies the complicated property tax appeal process into an easy to follow, step by step, process.

Step 1 - OverAssessed?

Determine if your property is over assessed and should be appealed. This needs to be done yearly to assure you are only paying your fair share of property taxes. Most properties are not fairly assessed and many are over assessed every year. ProTaxAppeal reviews thousands of properties yearly to determine which properties are over assessed. We notify property owners by postcard if their property is over assessed. If you received a postcard from ProTaxAppeal for the current tax year, we believe you are over assessed and we recommend you appeal. Simply proceed to Step 2. If you did not receive a postcard or are not sure if you did, you will need to request a Property Tax Review to first determine if you are over assessed.

Step 2 - Postcard Received?

Since you received our postcard for the current tax year, ProTaxAppeal has already determined your property is over assessed and we recommend you file an appeal. Please Login to continue the appeal process or register here.

Step 3 - Enter Property Information

Just enter the PIN and County found on the postcard your received. The postcard must be for the current tax year. ProTaxAppeal confirms that a postcard was sent. If no postcard was sent you will need to request a Property Tax Review to first determine if you are over assessed.

Step 4 - Review/Change Property and Billing Information

ProTaxAppeal receives property and billing information from your County. If any information needs to be changed you should also request your county change this information, especially tax billing information.

Step 5 - Print, Review, Complete Appeal Forms

Depending on the county, the appeal forms consist of either 3 or 4 pages. Cook County properties have 4 pages, all other counties have 3 pages. All you need to do is complete the forms where indicated. You do NOT need to notarize any forms.

Step 6 - Submit Appeal Forms

Once you have reviewed and completed the appeal forms, return to ProTaxAppeal either by email (, fax (847-739-7404), or mail to ProTaxAppeal, 4 Cattail Court, Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047. Since time is of the essence it is preferred that you either email or fax the appeal forms to assure timely reception. Once received and processed by ProTaxAppeal, you will receive a confirmation email or letter stating that your appeal has been started.

Step 7 - Finished

Once ProTaxAppeal receives a written appeal decision, it will be reviewed and sent to you regardless of outcome along with any recommendation or additional appeals to be filed. This step is the longest and most difficult for clients because of the time it takes to get an appeal decision which depends on the county the property is located in. Please be patient and know that ProTaxAppeal is diligently working on your appeal.