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Request A Review – Its simple and cheap insurance that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in property taxes.

ProTaxAppeal recommends that your property be reviewed every tax year to determine if you are being fairly assessed. A yearly review is needed because of the dynamically changing real estate market or especially if your property is being reassessed by the assessor which typically happens yearly. Assuming that the assessor is fairly assessing your property could result in you paying more than your fair share of property taxes without you even knowing it. In fact a majority of properties are unfairly assessed every year and should be appealed. If we determine your property is over assessed and should be appealed, we will appeal for FREE and there is no appeal fee if we do not get you an assessment reduction. Simply complete the steps to start the appeal process with a professional property tax review to determine if an appeal is necessary.

Review Fee: There is a small review fee and we understand that by having a review fee you may think it is not worth it and just decide not to proceed. Or we have heard that others do not charge a review fee. Sounds good but remember the truism heard often that you get what you pay for. What are you really getting for nothing? ProTaxAppeal is serious about advocating on your behalf to save you money and if you are serious about taking control of your property taxes then this small review fee could end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in property taxes. This professional property tax review is not an appraisal, or comparative market analysis (CMA), or a brokers price opinion (BPO). Rather it is a very specific type of review called a Property Tax Analysis (PTA) designed and developed by ProTaxAppeal engineers specifically to determine fair property assessments. While an appraisal, CMA, or BPO are useful in their own right, they are not suitable in determining fair property assessments. The review fee is based on the property type.

Residential: Single Family, Condo, Duplex, Townhome, Multi-Family (2-3 units) - $50.00
Other: Apartment (4+ units), Mixed, Commercial, Industrial - $100.00

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