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Lisle Township Assessor John Trowbridge II


ProTaxAppeal is dedicated to advocating fair assessments for property owners so we routinely come face to face with assessors during the appeal process. Most property owners do not realize how assessors negatively react when an appeal is filed and therefore are caught off guard by the many tactics assessors use to mislead them and the Board of Review in attempting to maintain an unfair assessment. ProTaxAppeal refuses to be harassed or intimidated, especially by assessors like Lisle Township Assessor John Trowbridge II. During recent hearings in DuPage County, a ProTaxAppeal consultant dealt with an out of control Mr. Trowbridge in a professional manner by focusing on the facts of the appeals being heard by the BOR instead of allowing Mr. Trowbridge to continue his circus like act. By not allowing Mr. Trowbridge's antics and attempt to muddy the appeal process with irrelevant information, ProTaxAppeal once again prevailed.

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