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BEWARE - Erroneous Exemptions Will Cost You


All property owners should take notice that Counties are out to recoup money from you if you erroneously claimed an exemption that you were not entitled to receive. Our abusive, cold hearted, and ruthless government actually passed a law last year just so they can come after you to collect money from you plus penalties for claiming an erroneous exemption they deemed you should not have claimed. The most common erroneous exemption is claiming more than one owner occupied homeowner exemption. You are only allowed one owner occupied homeowner exemption yearly so if you have multiple properties and claimed this exemption more than once, beware. If by mistake or not you are on the hook and need to get this taken care of ASAP or they will lien your property. Government for the people and by the people is really only for themselves and will stop at nothing to get more money from you. This is just another example of how abusive our government really is when it comes to our money. The real problem is that us the taxpayers will never see any of the money the Counties recoup because that is not part of the law. They get to keep it all for themselves. They have no shame.

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