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SCAM Alert - Urgent Notice


No not ProTaxAppeal but your government who is taxing you out of your property. Some property owners think we are a scam but let me be brutally honest by saying if you think the assessor likes us or that the assessor can do no wrong, please do not waste our time and instead continue to pay outrageous property taxes. There is not much we can say to convince you otherwise and we have no time to deal with anyone not interested in savings some of their hard earned money. The real SCAM is your government taking thousands of dollars in property taxes mostly for their own benefit and not yours. If you don't think so just answer this one simple question. What did you receive in 2014 for the thousands of dollars of property taxes paid? And I do not mean in general but be specific. Was it worth it? Would you actually buy these so-called services for the price you paid in taxes if you had a choice? If you are being honest the answer is no and you are being scammed. But that is ok, right, because it is the government scamming you and that makes it alright. Wake up property owners and face the truth that you will never actually own your property. You really are just renting from the government. That is a scam.

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