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Representative + Assessor = Double Dipping


This is a classic example of why Illinois is so screwed up and our property taxes are insane. In Lake County, Fremont Township Assessor Ed Sullivan Jr. is also a State Representative. What? Yep he has two full time taxpayer funded jobs and thinks this is just fine because as he put it there is nothing illegal about it. I guess not especially since he helps make the laws. But ethical, no way. ProTaxAppeal has requested Mr. Sullivan Jr. many times to resign one position and introduce legislation to make double dipping illegal. And why he is at it, since he is considered the property tax guru in Springfield how about introducing legislation to make meaningful property tax changes by capping the tax rate and assessment increases to the CPI? He has no motivation or desire to make any changes since he is personally benefiting from taxpayer ignorance. All taxpayers should be outraged and demand change.

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