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2014 Tax Bills Coming Soon


It is that time of year again. Just after the dreaded April 15 income tax deadline passes we are hit with the most unfair tax of all, the property tax. It is funny how everyone agrees, including the so-called powers to be, that property taxes are out of control but yet these same people do nothing to change it. So we just continue to pay and pay and pay.

All property owners EXCEPT in Cook County will soon receive their tax bill which generally is due in two installments, June and September. If you finally had enough of being told what you property tax should be, I suggest you request a property tax review ASAP. There is nothing you can now do about your 2014 property tax bill except pay it or risk having your property forcibly taken from you. Yes it can be that brutal. Right now is a great time to start managing your property tax bill for the 2015 tax year. Doing nothing should not be an option. Request your property tax review now. Simply click the Request Review link at the top of

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