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Monee Township Assessor, Sandra Heard, Should Resign


Monee Township Assessor, Sandra Heard, is a classic example of an elected official who has no business being an assessor regardless of so-called qualifications. These qualifications are basic in nature and can be completed in a few weeks. And that makes someone qualified to be an assessor, really? Because of the work done by ProTaxAppeal most assessors, including Ms. Heard, think they have something to prove and routinely abuse their position of power in doing so. ProTaxAppeal reviews assessments in Monee Township and has found many properties to be assessed incorrectly and when Ms. Heard is challenged on appeal she will double down to try and impress the BOR with mostly irrelevant data. In other words she is fighting hard AGAINST property owners to maintain a high assessment. In addition she refuses to follow the property tax code either because she chooses too or just does not understand the code. As an advocate for property owners, ProTaxAppeal will continue to hold Ms. Heard and all assessors accountable and demand fair assessments. The problem in Monee Township is that Ms. Heard really only cares about votes first and fair assessments last.

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