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Sorry that is has been so long since the last blog but ProTaxAppeal has been super busy saving millions of dollars in property taxes for their clients. That is great news for our clients and not so good news for other firms who pretend to be property tax appeal experts. And it certainly is not good news for any property owners that do not appeal or go with another firm simply because the appeal fee is less. Since the property tax game is a zero sum game, ProTaxAppeal client's save at the expense of all other property owners that do not appeal or get what we refer to as a token reduction to make you go away. Here at ProTaxAppeal patients and persistence goes a long way in saving you money which is why managing your property taxes should be done annually. We at ProTaxAppeal do not play games or let the government get away with their relentless bully tactics and instead take them head on, one appeal at a time. No other firm is more aggressive and fearless as ProTaxAppeal. We are not here to make insider friends but rather fight hard for your property to be fairly assessed, year after year.

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